First Project Done... Cribbage Board

So the reason I built the low rider in the first place was for custom cribbage boards.
This one is for my rep (im the engineer). Hes a dumb husker fan haha.
First iteration at Vcarve and I figured out the vectors etc… Not that bad.
Also the first attempt at making the peg cover work. It worked right out of the gate.
Pegs wont slip out, easy to carve. Perfect.
Really really happy with how it turned out.


That turned out great. Go Big Red.

Cool project for sure, came out great.

Does everyone play Cribbage? I have never met anyone that has played.


I do but it’s a old man sport I think:skull:

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I have made lots of boards just the more traditional with custom logo lots of fun 2 track and 3-4 track 1/4 3/8 holes for us arthritis afflicted types

How does the peg holder work?

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We played it all the time in college. It is a fun way to relax while enjoying a beverage. My wife and I also used to go to a coffee shop and play cribbage on the weekends. It is a good combination of luck and skill. The terms and traditions are a little strange at first, but the game mechanics are good.

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Yeah the game is easy to learn VERY hard to master. Ive probably played 10,000 + games in my life and you still tune your strategy all the time. Each person you play against you change again, and each time you partner up, you change again… its a never ending learning path.

As far as the peg holder. I just engraved out a spot for a small strong magnet in the acrylic and epoxied it in.
Also cut out a hole in the wood for the same magnet.
There isnt enough clearance for thepegs to slide out the opening, so a player can just reach a finger in, pull the acrylic up and get the pegs.

I made a slightly different system for my hawkeye board which is cooler and integrated.

I really do like the acrylic top to the board on the hawkeye one, but I just couldnt get the pegs to align right on the Nebraska one. Youd think you take a file, cut it on the cnc, same file, cut on laser would be spot on… it isnt haha

EDIT : also taking suggestions for how to add the skunks in there. Cant really engrave or laser them at this point… Be really hard to position them right… Not sure how to pull this one off.


Just a straight line would be enough. You could even do it by hand by clamping a straight edge along the material. I’d do it on the bottom of the plexi personally.

Maybe painting the inside of the holes a different color?

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Straight line or painted holes may not be a bad idea… something simple.
although not sure painted holes would be very visible… I guess i could try to paint a thin line around the hole. maybe I could cut a circle red sticker to make a border

A small counter sink that you could paint?


yeah thats actually a really good idea for the countersink… i can do that during the cut itself in future times.

Nice work! I gave up on Crib mostly because I’m terrible at it. :slight_smile:

You just need to play more against people who have been drinking. :slight_smile:


My wife tried to teach me how to play, we had a few dozen boards in our bar. Never got the hang of it.

Yeah, its not the easiest game… To at least sorta play can be taught in an hour. To get decent takes days, to master it… You never will :).
I think going forward, I am just going to add an engraved S to the skunk and SS to the double skunk line area. I can get that in to the existing toolpath with the other letter engraving.

Bigger problem now is finding a place to buy these metal slides… It seems like it would be easier to just use this tried and true method for peg holders.

But I cant find anywhere that just sells that metal piece.

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Cutting the slot . It’s hard to get a mill thinner than 1/8th inch

they have those specifically for this compartment… If its not that feasible, I guess I need to devise another way. My way works great, but with epoxy is a little more time intensive than id like.

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