Has anyone run an ER16 collet adapter?

I came across this 1/4 ER16collet adapter. One review says bad runout but has anyone tried this? Previously I have seen ones with 8mm shank that need to be cut down.

I am trying to get a bit more reach out of my lowrider so I can mount a dust skit under the 611 plate without losing depth of cut.

Thoughts? I’m thinking it’s probably too big for this machine?

While more expensive, this is a probably a better option if you have the Dewalt 611! I’ve thought about your solution above but am fearful of the runout.

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Thanks! Are you referring to the collet adaptors on that site? I’m running the Makita router. Ideally I would just mount it lower but that seems to be harder I first thought so I’m down the collet direction now for a bit more reach

Yes I was, however they don’t have any for the Makita. I sent them an email asking about the Makita and they say that they are not able to do anything for the Makita. :frowning: I am also running the Makita.

Do you have a reach issue as well or are you just running longer bits. I’m half tempted to that the mount that comes with the router and get that inside aluminum ledge machined down but dollars for results it would not be the most economical

Several… not really issues. More annoyance.

  1. It’s hard to impossible to get the two wrenches into the space to tighten a bit.
  2. I would like to be able to use the ER16 collet system as they are very inexpensive.
  3. Reach may be an issue depending on what is being machined.

All of these are minor when I consider the run out though. I’ve ordered the collet extender you linked above today along with a bunch of collets from Ali Express, they are only 1.93 cdn from there. Not in a hurry so I’ll wait the 3-4 weeks for them to arrive.

If the goal is to mount a dust skirt, it might be better to consider a dust skirt that mounts to the side of the 611 plate, rather than under it. Something like this perhaps.

That should avoid the need for extensions, extra long bits, etc. All of which will increase or amplify runout and decrease accuracy.

Claus, please post up your findings with that collet, interested in seeing if it vibrates. Also whether the shaft is actually 1/4 inch. I always remove the router from the mount for tool changes and it seems to be working well. I didn’t even try to get my wrenches into the Makita opening!

Pete- I had looked at that but even the clips under the 611 lose depth. I know it’s splitting hairs but I cut so close to my plate I even had to countersink the fasteners underneath to get every little bit of cutting depth I could. I am working on a dust shoe that sits on the sides and protrudes up from the 611 but you lose x cutting distance and also if you are all the way to one side and go too low the dust skirt gets caught in the wheels…found that out the hardway.

I have used both the 1/4" and 1/2" collet adaptors. Be Really Careful of the 1/4". Have it all the way in to the router collet as it can bend and break. The 1/4" shafts are just not very strong. I have had it happen. Fortunately I had a safety shield in front of the cutting and no harm was done. If your router will accept a 1/2 inch adaptor use that. My spindle only has ER16 collets so I had another 1/2 inch adaptor machined down to 10mm to fit them.
Aside the safety problem, they do work pretty well. Don’t try to get too much extension or you will get vibration especially with slot cutters. Simple round nose bits for example seem to be fine.

Will do, I suspect the Amazon one will arrive in a couple of days!

So the collet adapter arrived today. Fits the Makita really well, as JeffH mentioned I did seat it all the way into the Makita collet. I ran it at speed 3 on the router and I saw no vibration or runout, so from that standpoint it should be fine. I had to raise the Makita up to it’s max height which will likely introduce another problem down the road depending on how often I use it. I would imagine it may be hard on the bearings in the router as the further the distance the greater the force on the bearings due to side loading.

On the plus side this will allow me to use all of the metric bits due to the ER16 collet system. If only someone would machine an ER16 adapter to screw onto the Makita shaft.

Time will be the ultimate judge of this.

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Do you have any pictures? Thanks for the feedback!

Yes, here are a couple.

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Wow you weren’t joking that does stick out very far!

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