Home to Z-max, Probe z-min with dual endstops

Hi all,

I am working on building my lowrider2 and have a question about dual end stops and keeping the ability to probe the table. I have dual end stops working. For the Z axis, I am homing to the max (going up to home) so the machine does not try to ram a bit into the table. Is there a way to still use the probe to find the table with this setup? I tried a few things in the firmware and haven’t had success. I read a bunch of forum articles on here and didn’t find a great answer to fix this problem.

Any advice?

Matthew Andres


I tried to configure the DualLR firmware that way. It needs someone to test it. WDYT?

The 503 should have z home dir up, on pins Zmax and Xmax. And a z probe configured on Zmin. G38.2 should work to probe down and G28 Z should home up. The Z up switches should be wired C/NC, and the probe should be open until it triggers.


thanks! I will give it a try!

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I’ll give it a try too. I actually posted this same question in the forums today as well. Once again @jeffeb3 to the rescue. You’re a stud bro. Much thanks.


Just got my low rider rolling and was about to ask the same for Z max/min. Will try also.
Thanks @jeffeb3

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Now I’m nervous with all three of you trying it out and no one reporting anything :grimacing:

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Will try tonight. If I looked correctly this has x as short and y as long with dual. Should the code work if I comment out dual y and un-comment dual x or is it more complicated and I should reverse

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Alright sorry for the delay. I did get it to work!! However…

  1. For some reason I was not able to get your version of the code to compile. I had to change the firmware a little bit because I have my X as dual and my y as single so switched that and I had my endstops wired to match (extra was on YMax). I kept getting filename too long and could not for the life of me figure that one out (maybe I am using the wrong version of IDE (I am using 1.8.13)). I went back to Ryan’s code and made the modifications you did and it compiled fine.
  2. In Configuration.h, it did not work for me to use Z_MIN_PROBE_USES_Z_MIN_ENDSTOP_PIN. Not sure why, but seems like the probe pin doesn’t get set. I commented that line out and changed the next line to use the same pin and it worked fine (#define Z_MIN_PROBE_PIN Z_MIN_PIN // Pin 32 is the RAMPS default)
  3. For others with the same issues I outlined above and need to change Ryan’s dual endstop code here are the changes I did:
    a. the ones outlined about
    b. In Configurations.h change #define Z_HOME_DIR +1 (instead of -1)
    c. make sure to update your bed size (not needed for this problem but caused me some grief)
    // The size of the print bed
    #define X_BED_SIZE 1219
    #define Y_BED_SIZE 1219
    d. in Configuration_adv.h uncomment out
    #define G38_PROBE_TARGET
    e. Change the setting of the dual stepper driver in Configuration_adv.h (ex X_DUAL_STEPPER_DRIVERS - uncommented, //#define Y_DUAL_STEPPER_DRIVERS - commented, and changed #define Z2_USE_ENDSTOP YMAX – my open one)
    f. In Configuration_adv.h add:
    #define USER_DESC_4 “Probe Z min”
    #define USER_GCODE_4 “G38.2 Z0”
    to Custom_User_Menus if you are using Ryan’s display

ps. the probe is wired on ZMin Endstop in my code

Let me know if you have any questions. Hope this helps the next person

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Bryan see my comment below but yes that should work but you will probably need to change the pin for the second Z endstop to use YMAX instead of XMAX

It builds on Linux with arduino, but in windows, I think all recent versions need to be built in platformio in windows. Because of the 32k line limit.

Thanks for trying anyway.

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I was able to compile and upload (on a Mac to a Rambo from V1). XYZ steppers all worked will play more with end stops this week.


That makes sense. Thanks for pointing that out. I will install platformio. As I side note, you might need to do the Z_MIN_PROBE_USES_Z_MIN_ENDSTOP_PIN change to Z_MIN_PROBE_PIN Z_MIN_PIN unless that has been fixed in the new versions. In Repetier host the first one (that didn’t work for me) said zmin when doing M119. The second says probe (works) when doing M119. This was when I was using the G38.2 command.

Yes, I’ve read elsewhere about that fix. I didn’t trust it because it looked right on my desk.

Is the issue apparent with M119 then? I can test that. I thought I had a separate zmin and zprobe when I checked. I just didn’t hook up any motors.

Not directly but it did not work for me when it M119 said ZMin but did work when M119 said probe. I think G38.2 needs a “probe” to work. When I switch to Z_MIN_PROBE_PIN Z_MIN_PIN, I no longer had ZMin in M119 list (edit: oops was still there, just added the probe).

Here is the difference for me:

  1. When it worked
    15:29:04.956 : x_min: TRIGGERED
    15:29:04.956 : x2_min: TRIGGERED
    15:29:04.960 : y_min: TRIGGERED
    15:29:04.960 : z_min: open
    15:29:04.960 : z_max: open
    15:29:04.960 : z2_max: open
    15:29:04.960 : z_probe: open
  2. When it didn’t work
    13:36:17.677 : Reporting endstop status
    13:36:17.677 : x_min: TRIGGERED
    13:36:17.677 : x2_min: TRIGGERED
    13:36:17.677 : y_min: TRIGGERED
    13:36:17.677 : z_min: open
    13:36:17.677 : z_max: open
    13:36:17.677 : z2_max: open
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Tested switches and seems to work with the following for me (rambo):

#define Z_MIN_PROBE_PIN Z_MIN_PIN // Pin 32 is the RAMPS default

Also, I had the Z2 stepper on the second Z slot on the rambo, but it appears this setup expects it on the E1 stepper.

Few things I can still used help on, I tried to convert from dual Y to dual X in the code, but I am still seeing a single X Endstop. Might flip my X/Y and test later tonight.

Also, the code resets to x0 y0 z200. Assuming this is because it assumes max Z before homing but wanted to verify this is expected.

Thanks @jeffeb3

Yeah. That second Z slot should not be used in any configurations.

I get confused. All of you seem to want dual X and not dual Y. Is that the normal? I guess it probably is… I can switch that easily enough.

Ah, yes. The Z max is set to 200. So when it homes, that’s what it should be set to. You can set the Z size to whatever you actually use, or you can just set up a macro for G28 Z and G92 Z100 or whatever your actual max is.

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New to the lowrider, so I just though of the long axis as X, but am not sure what is normal (if there is one).

Update: Just realized that even though I had uncommented #define X_DUAL_STEPPER_DRIVERS, I missed uncommenting #define X_DUAL_ENDSTOPS a few lines later.

That change seemed to make the dual X work as I expected with two switches in my hand. Next step will be to mount the switches

When looking at a chart, the vertical axis is the Y axis, and the horizontal axis is the X axis. Your starting point on the chart would normally be the bottom left. The Lowrider uses these coordinates.

When using a CNC machine, the X axis is down the length of the table, the Y axis is the width, and the Z axis is vertical.

Source: Machine shop owner buddy of mine who was confused that I kept referring to the router plate and gantry as the X-axis.

It is your CNC machine, you can use whichever ones you want :).


Ok. I finally got some time to poke at this. I hope to get this uo soon to let some of you test it.

That look right? I can’t do G38 on my desk I don’t have steppers or drivers installed…