If you water them they grow!

No, not really…

Extended my table out a foot either direction, got the extensions off a little. They’re about a 16th low, but that’s what the spoil board is for…

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I was thinking of doing that only a foot in each direction. Re-running those wires is stopping me. That and It’s going to be cold soon so I won’t probably be using it for a while anyway.

Yea, that’s why I didn’t have it moving last night, have to rewire. Think I’m going the cat-6 cable route.

Cat 6 hmm good idea. Do you plan on using a pair for each of the 4 motor wires?

Yea, that’s the idea.

Are you putting the dupont connectors on the cat 6 or do you do something else?

Nope, just using regular rj45 ends and keystones. Figure if they can run a PTZ outdoor camera and it’s heater(24vac at 50W), it’ll have no problems with steppers.

Okay, got it all wired. Didn’t have any cat-6 patch cables, but 5e seems to be working okay. I’ll upgrade the cables later. Need a longer one for my Z anyway. Here’s a question though. I’m guessing I can move about 1220mm or so, my rails are 5 feet each. Problem is when I get to 1000mm it stops. Still have about 9 inches of travel left on the rail though. I have repetier set to 1225 for both x,y and the print area x and y. Any ideas?

Here’s how I wired it.

The steppers and Z are wired like this
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X and Y are wired like this.
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Now I can just use standard patch cables for connections.

I have 5’ rails and my workable space is 1200x1200… Its actually more like 1225 but i rounded it down for safety.

I had the same issue at 1000mm. I am pretty sure it was machine size in the firmware.

Cool! I’ll have to install the arduino software on the laptop to edit the firmware! Thanks for the tip!

Sweet!!! That fixed it. Now I can move on the X 1200mm and the Y 1220mm. Can’t get the full width because of my dust shoe. Forgot to add that in when I did my tubes. I’ll have to fix that. Need the full 4 foot diameter for a project. I think I can put the router end back on the way it comes from the factory and move the dust shoe so it will be in the corner when I’m homed. Should give me that extra 20mm.

Crap, that’s not going to work. Oh, well, I guess for that project I’ll just not have the dust collection on. The cat-5 cable that’s hanging is for the Z, it’s too short… So the pauses are where the router should be dropping a mm. I’m running it at 250% speed, so it’s going faster than it would be if it was cutting. Though this part will be some of that Menards hdpe, so I probably could cut at that speed!

Very nice… are those SS tubes or EMT?

Emt. Got it at Lowe’s. Have the threaded rod mid support bases printed, just need to install them now. Do you guys think the internal nut traps are really necessary with all the weight pushing down?

I dont use them. The nylock nut that I have supporting the rail prevents any downward movement… I adjusted it till it just touched ever so slightly.

Cool. That will make it easier to build!

Making holes in the new spoilboard!

Man, I really don’t want to mess up the spoil board! It’s soooo purdy!!
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… Ugh I probably should have done that before I bolted my spoil board down. Oh well for this spoil board I will just sink screws every time. Fortunately its cheap enough to replace.