Largish Dining table and benches

This project for my in-laws has taken up some serious hours. I did the design in Fusion360.
Lowrider did the rest (with its usual aplomb).

The final table-top is supposed to be a 14’ length of live spalted maple. Unfortunately, it is in quarantine in Brooklyn for the foreseeable future! Base is 93 inches long.

The struts of the benches are clear cedar. Benches are 6’.

Finished everything with Osmo PolyX and a mixture of titanium white pigment from Kremer to mute any discoloration. I wanted a provisional wood shop look. For those who want to avoid dastardly suburban polyurethane/lacquer finishes – I strongly recommend Osmo – a beautiful penetrating oil wax concoction that is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Perfect for young ages…

6’ foot bench and a 4’ prototype for personal use:

Original computer rendering:


Beautiful work! Can’t wait to see it when the top is freed.

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Great project! That octagonal center beam is an interesting feature.

Didn’t know they grew maple like that in Brooklyn. 8^)

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2 words… HOLY… CRAP…

That’s freakin’ awesome!!!


I’ll second that holy crap. Awesome stuff, show us more as you can, it’s very impressive seeing something of this scale and what a unique piece for your family.


That is the most impressive project I have seen in a long time. Congratulations!


Wow! That’s a real beauty!! You’ve got some serious design skills!

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That’s amazing. Best advert for a LowRider I’ve seen!

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lol. good catch. i think said tree was originally from the suburbs in long island.

Finally finished this in June.

Started working on a boat…


Amazing, and that original render is spot on.

Well you gotta show us the boat!


Wow. It’s funny. I tell people ‘Oh! I have a full size CNC Machine!’ and they’re all excited and happy then they see it and it’s like ‘Oh that’s a toy!’ until you show them the stuff it produces then they all want you to cut things for them on your ‘toy’.

Amazing job on your table! It’s beautiful, and as someone else pointed out, perfect example of what our ‘toys’ can do. Which is, exactly the same thing the big boys can do!


You asked! The OzGoose sailboat (A Michael Storer design). This is 60 percent Lowrider. The project is pretty basic cutting but I leaned on the lowrider for clean accurate cuts – especially on the curves for the outside hull and tanks. Some lowrider products in the background - the table saw and miter stations.


Whoa!! Awesome!! :clap:

Well that’s just plain awesome!

Today I’ve seen lowriders cutting out camper trailers and now a friggin sail boat. I need to step up my game!


Somewhere in the mix there’s an airplane too! :grinning:


send me the camper trailer link! can’t seem to find it.

That’s outside the box thinking that will get me in serious trouble.

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Airplanes are Good trouble! :grin: