Linear rails for Y axis?

@Grinchdubs I’m considering using the linear guides to prevent the y-axis drifting on my LR2.
How is the LR running with the new linear rails, any binding issues? Did you use the standard Y-endstops you already have?

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They don’t need much to keep them straight. They are trying to go straight anyway, since the two steppers are moving in lock step. I just added some 3/4"x3/4" long rails just inside the wheels.

Hello, looks very nice!!
Have you already used this configuration? Do you think you have improved?

What about something like this…

I’m thinking of doing a full 4x8 build, and with this you can get single rails that are long enough at a reasonable cost. I have no idea if these sorts of bearings will work well for this application.

How are you guys making out with your rails? Thinking of getting the round style to prevent dust buildup in the holes on the T style. eBay seems to have some too good to be true cheap deals on them

I been thinking of something like this with those rails I have a 4x8 size and just have the wheels on some 2x4 and its fine for what I’ve been doing, but I’m converting adding a pnp function to it and think it would benefit from such rails. Have you guys seen any improvement in speed with the rails? Def out of my budget but someone was throwing out a bunch of shutters that run on rails like sliding doors… and they are like 8ft long and the channel already cut in it… I was thinking just take off the skate wheels and just modify the bearing to ride in the groove. Maybe set up/ get the cnc to machine out the channeling.

The question is have you seen any improvement in speed? As open pnp uses the cams to align itself repeatability is not so much a factor in pick and place more so then the speed of the machine. The cams will correct it’s position before it drops the part.