Little Elm TX ZenXY Build

Hi everyone. Just ordered pretty much all the parts to build the ZenXY table. The actual construction will be a simple box similar to a shadow box I recently built for a client.

See attached - shadowbox was not finished at time of picture, this is just a rough representation of what I’ll build.

Currently I’ve printed 8 of the 10 parts. I’ll finish printing them today and pick up some conduit tomorrow. My plan is to get the mechanics working and then I’ll finalize the size and build my table around the base.

The construction will be the easy part for me, but I’ll be asking a lot of questions when it comes to programming the Rambo 1.3 mini. Please be patient with me.

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Where in Little Elm? We used to live behind Water’s Edge Cafe.

Behind the high school in Sunset Point. Prior to that we lived in Villages of Woodlake. Been here 21yrs.

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Received my Rambo 1.3, LCD, and power supply. Plugged it all up added a stepper motor and I’m able to control its movement. That counts as a success in my book. I purchased some conduit the other day and just need to cut it down to size. Right now I’m thinking of a 24"x24" surface, but I haven’t cut anything yet as I may go up to 29". I also need to 3D print a case for the LCD and the Rambo. Still no clue how you program things, but I’ll figure it out…Now that I know I can control the stepper motor I feel much better about actually building my table. Next up will be building the xy tracks from the conduit.

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So silly me figured out I just need to use Sandify and setup some basic dimensions to start creating designs. I have my daughter working on coming up with some designs in her spare time.

In the meantime I’ve cut my conduit down to size and assembled all my 3D printed parts. I’m hoping to have time this weekend to mount everything to a melamine board I have in the garage.

I also found a 3D printed arduino and display holder so I printed that. Fit was a bit tight, but some sanding took care of that in short order.

Once I get everything mounted and functional then I’ll move ahead with final design and build of the table. Right now I’m leaning towards oak, but I’ll see what the lumber yard has when I get to building the actual table. Maybe oak with a walnut inlay.


Good timing. I just updated it today.

Please share what you and your daughter come up with. I like to see the designs “in the wild”.

Hi diddly ho, neighborino! I’m over by the HOA office. If you need a hand or a beer feel free to give me a shout, I’m walking distance from you.

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