LR3 Mod Y Tensioner block, going topless for easy mid belt access? Goal: Enable faster swap between big and little table


Would be nice to enable even faster swapping of LR3 between a big (4’x8’’) and little (2’x4’) table. Without making any mods, I could just use a paint sharpie to mark the belts in a couple of locations that are appropriate for each table. Then remove belt from the tensioner block side when switching between tables. For me, getting the belt position just right can be finicky.

I really appreciate the existing quick release design. Feel like I’m overly optimizing for an edge case here, but…

Am wondering if anyone’s created and printed a topless (or screw/clip capped) Y Tensioner block mod that can be attached and detached midway to the belt. Doing this would let you leave the big table’s Y Tensioner block always attached. You could then attach this modified topless Y tensioner block when mounting LR3 to your smaller every day table?

(20 sec clip)

Anyone done something similar? Don’t want to reinvent, also, don’t want to burn time fixing issues with my proof of concept if someone’s come up with a better solution already, e.g. 1) adjust internal belt channel closer to edge away from centered vertical bolt, 2) use peg/retainer instead of screw, fast access, etc…