Minnesota Build - Low Rider

So I am toying with the idea of building a Low Rider — Yes, some of you know I just finished my MPCNC and am just getting started… so why bite off more than I can chew… well that’s just me.

I am trying to determine the size of table that is needed for the low rider so I can handle 4x8 sheets. Also, what size pipe is used and is this the correct location for printed parts http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1958150

Are there templates/dxf files already for the wood parts needed to build the low rider?

The two linked pages in the main menu have all the info, including links and calculators.

Those are the correct parts.

Do those pages tell you about how large the work area needs to be and how it should be built?

I am trying to study some of the videos on YouTube. Looking at yours Ryan and Barry’s but I am still at a loss for size and construction. Seems it may be sandwiched 2x4’s?

Same as before the smaller the better, default dimensions are for a 4x8’ sheet. https://jscalc.io/calc/JDMsz9ediG9bvm3E

Or are you asking about thickness? .75" to 4" thicker being better.

Ah another question… do the cut parts need to be MDF or could I use some 1/4" ABS sheets?

Also, looking at the 611_plate there are double circles… what do those represent? Not sure how those should be set up in Estlcam…

Any material you want.

The instructions have instructions for those two circles. https://www.v1engineering.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/611.jpg

It would be a pocket, I have a demo for that. https://www.v1engineering.com/estlcam-2-5d-routing-intermediate/

Yeah, just the bed itself… I see there is some type of material on the edge.

In the calc… for a 4 x 8 are you saying the X is to be 50.25 and Y is 100 ?

Yes, a few extra inches.

The bed is a box any way you want to build it, we have all shown our beds being built in the build threads. Or just a table that is big enough.

My first cut part using the MPCNC…

question… I used a 1/8" ball end bit for this cut on this 1/4" ABS plastic.

Is that the correct type of bit for this material or would you suggest something different?

Ball end just means you need to go a little deeper to get a full cut than with a flat end. More important is the number of flutes and the direction they spin. Ball ends will do a better job than flat for carving, where you are following a curving Z axis. Flats are best for cutting since they leave a nice 90 degree angle at the bottom.

I have a Single 1/8" Flute and then I think I have some double Flutes as well. So would those be a better option than the ball end? For some reason I was thinking you needed a ball end for doing plastics.

I’ll be getting more 1/4" ABS sheets tomorrow and 1/4" acrylic too so I am trying to determine the best bit for making cuts on those materials.

Also, doe these tool settings look ok for doing plastics? The first cut seemed to go OK but I am a total novice so not sure if its going too slow too fast, etc. I had heard if you go to fast or plunge fast you can gum up the bit.

Full of questions guys… help me out… throw me a bone :slight_smile:

Y Plate… is that plate reversible or does it have a defined front and back??

So I have started to cut out my parts for the LowRider but I must have something drastically wrong with the Estlcam settings.

Trying to cut the 611 Plate and for each hole it’s taking like 20 minutes… I may be exaggerating but seems like forever…

I am using a 1/8" bit- step down is 2.5mm, plunge angle is 90, feed rate is 15mm/s, plunge rate is 4mm/s

Are you cutting it out or pocketing it?

Screenshots would help.

If you are using windows the sniping tool is perfect for this.

I am not sure what I did or where I got these settings but this combination is working. Though I have it set to MM/min and before I had as MM/sec… I know there are several options so I am not entirely sure which measurement is the standard for the tool settings.

I should add… that maybe some of the speeds are too fast. The 611 came out ok. I had two holes that I messed up by starting and stopping making a program change and then restarting.

Here is the cut … took just over an hour to complete.

Do you guys use limit switches with the lowrider?

I am on the tail end of getting all of my parts together for my lowrider build. Bought the last bolts tonight and got my last order from Ryan today.

Speedymetals should have my tubes here this week. Just need to figure out my table set up.

I already have a 2x6 table on wheels that measures - 7’ by 3’ - my goal is to have a full table to handle a 4x8 sheet. so I got to figure out a way to do this torsion table in sections as they will have to be removable - come winter time I have to put it all away and don’t have a place to store a 5x10 foot table.

I don’t use limit switches on the lowrider.

One hour for such a small/easy part?
You are doing very light passes?
I think it can be done in less than 10 minutes, why so slow?