Neje A40640 15w output laser black Friday deal

Just purchased the Neje A40640 from the Neje webstore for $238 by taking advantage of their $30 off orders over $250 black Friday deal. Picked ships from US and shipping is included. Of course they made the laser alone $249 to be under the qualifying purchase price so I added a backup lens to push the total over.




Thanks for the tip. They also have the cheapo goggles (but ship from china) for $10.

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While having extras around for relatively cheap is great I do think buying quality eye protection is worth it. And maybe you were just encouraging purchasing anything since what I linked doesn’t include them.
I bought these and really like them
FreeMascot OD 6+ 190nm-550nm / 800nm-1100nm Wavelength Professional Laser Safety Glasses


I was just suggesting it as another item instead of the replacement lens.

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Got it, would bring the total down another $10.

I think anyone ordering their first laser head should also plan on getting quality ppe to go with it. Eyesight is too valuable to risk… if it were me, I’d also go for the extra lens, and buy known brand eye protection from a reputable dealer.


Me too, I purchased the air assist option to get it over the $250 as I thought that was worth getting.



You might be interested in this Neje air-assist “thing” which replaces the needle and small printed bracket pieces in your kit… and puts the air flow concentric with the beam. In action…

It’s discussed in this thread…

and is working quite nicely on 3mm birch ply at 180 mm/min, 100% power, and a single pass.

– David


I was just about to link you @dkj4linux, I got my laser module yesterday and printed your air assist, fit great and can’t wait to try it out today.

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Also worked great for cutting leather:


Your air assist design works great @dkj4linux! I just made a small adapter for the 1/4 tube to press into it and now I’m cutting away. So far 85% power at 150mm/min is cutting through 3mm ply with one pass.

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Thanks David, Yes, I came across this last night when I was on Youtube. Thanks for the advice.

As soon as I get back this afternoon I am going to start printing one of the versions in Preperation.

Status is still “HK / Hand over to airline” since 29th. I hope they don’t send it via Post as South Africa does not have a functioning Postal system right now. Could take a year, if it turns up at all. That is why I considered the more expensive Banggood option as they courier it for a nominal amount and I normally get within 2 weeks (used to be a week before Covid) but being the eternal optimist, I am hoping for the best.


@Basstone18 @dkj4linux
What do you guys use for your air source, how much psi and what do you all do for a cut bed (honey comb) and more so about fume control?

Commonly used air source:

Cheap metal bed you could use:

I wouldn’t use metal. I don’t want anything under the part that might send the laser beam in a odd direction.

I bought some of the overhead light insert material to go under parts I’m cutting through.

A metal bed of some sort is pretty much the norm. I hope you’re wearing approved glasses when lasering?

I’d also be cautious about using those plastic overhead light inserts or at least wear a respirator!

My air source suspended on surgical tubing… smallest unit (60 gph) is fine

ball valve and 6mm tubing… cheaper, if ordering from Neje shop, $16 air-assist kit includes this

then discard the needle from kit and print my air-assist nozzle for Neje A40640 laser module

My “honeycoomb” is passive CPU heat sinks… better than honeycomb, easily cleaned soaked in dish soap and water, supports odd shapes, any size, etc

on a sheet steel bed from big-box store… an assortment of magnets will come in handy for stops, etc

Oh… and a drafty old farmhouse for fume control :wink:

– David


Actually I am printing your air assist nozzle as I type. I have two air compressors and wondering if I can just tap into those vs buying another air source. not sure what PSI I would need to set it too.

When cutting on that lite plywood does it really get smoky or is it tolerable?

My cnc is in my garage and while I don’t want it fill with smoke I could imagine using the laser for more than 10-20 minutes.

I use a normal shop compressor and added an inline regulator which I usually run around 15 psi. The laser does create a reasonable amount of smoke, my setup is in a garage and I usually have at least one of the roll-up doors open for ventilation.

No more objectionable than a fireplace IMO… when cutting wood/paper. Displaying my ignorance about such things (PLEASE don’t beat me up!), I don’t think it’s a pressure thing so much as it’s a flow thing. If the nozzle orifice is the only major restriction in the line you get a surprisingly vigorous flow at the nozzle… smaller diameter tubing or restrictions/kinks upstream seem to throttle it considerably. I picture using my thumb to direct/create a high-pressure stream of water out of a garden hose…

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