New Build from the LowLands - Netherlands

Hi all,

This is going to be my log of my MPCNC build.

Hi All,

I’m Menno, an artist from the Netherlands. I’m building the MPCNC because I want to automate some processes for woodworking. I’m going to try to write down a report of the build, to contribute to this community, because I think it’s great. Also, it would be nice to get some feedback off course.

The work area I would like to make is 600x700mm.

I’ve been reading a lot about the MPCNC and I love the design. Before a couple of days ago I had never touched a 3d-printer… I bought an Ender 3 to print the parts for the MPCNC. After some fine tuning and getting to know the printer, I am now printing parts for the last couple of day. But still have like 75 hours to go. :smiley: I have some experience in electronics and mechanics as I work as a visual artist and use it in my art.

Because I want to get started soon, I didn’t order from china or from the US. My purchases are located in European warehouses. For future builders from the Netherlands I will make a list of the materials I bought. But if you have the time(shipping) and the money it would be best to buy of the v1 webshop and support the business.

I will be printing the parts for the rest of the week and after that I’m hoping to start the built. No experience in CNC yet, but I like to learn and I will learn on the go. Really looking forward to start the build! Well that’s it for now.

Have a nice day and till the next update,



I want to add a list of the components I bought, it contains the links as well. But I can’t post it for some reason, it disappears when I click ‘Submit’.

I would add that you can also send money with the donate link at the top of the page. I like to think that pays for the design part of Ryan’s business.

Too many links triggers the spam bot. You can put them in a file, zip them and upload them as an attachment. Or post them somewhere else (google docs, github gist, thingiverse, instructibles) and post one link.

I’m excited to see your build and what you build with it!


lol, that was actually one the links. Also made a donation

Thanks for the the explanation.

Me too! Really curious how it will all turn out. I’m very enthusiastic :wink:

So the list (I will put the links in the attached zip)
Steppers: amazon
RAMPS 1.4, Arduino, endstops, DR8825: amazon
100x 608 2rs: amazon
lcd, pulleys, belt, fuse power supply, fuses, coupler, fan, leadscrew and nut: vanallesenmeer
Stainless steel 25mm, 2mm thick: metaalshopper 85€ shipping and cutting included.
Filament: (bought the hobbyking brand and the E-sun, must say: I’ve been using the hobbyking first and today I’m printing in whit E-sun PLA and it’s seems much more consistent and has a nice finish then the hobbyking brand, however I’m only one print in.
Ender 3: aliexpress 155€ including shipping and a glass bed. From German warehouse.
Nuts, screw, bolts and wood will be sourced locally.
Donation, I didn’t buy anything of Ryan, because I sourced locally and wanted to learn how to print my own parts. However, I think it’s very important to support this kind of projects, so I made a donation. And if the year ends well financially seen, I will make another. The time and effort in this project must be tremendous. Thank you, Ryan.

Links-MPCNC-Netherlandseurope.docx (78.5 KB)


Well you are doing pretty good so far, you got you first printer and you are already printing good parts…Nice. Excited to see what you make with these two new tools you are using/building.


I agree with Heffe, the spam filter needs to get to know you before you can post a bunch of links, careful with edits at first as well.

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Thank you for the Donation, I will be adding your name to the list shortly!

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Thanks guys, I’ll be gentle to the spamfilter and I’ll keep you updated on the projects I do. It is going to be great to experiment with this machine, but first lets get this machine going.

Today I wanted to get to know the electronics, which was pretty easy and straight forward. The instructions made it quite clear. Already have some experience with Arduino and the 3d printer gave me a hint of the marlin software. Also installed repertier to see how that works. Oh yes, today the tubing arrived. Think I’ll get started on the actual build in a week.

Well, the first motors have been spinning so the electronics is not going to be a problem. Got the lcd working as well. Now I’m going to take a look at the wiring of the steppers in series.

The bearing in the Z lower part is a bit loose, it is not tight in the PLA and i didn’t had to press it in. It falls out as well. Does it matter?

Nope. You should be fine.

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So, it has been a while go since my last post. I have almost finished building the MPCNC. Only some fine tuning left.

I’ve had it up and running for a 1,5 month now and I’ve been doing lots if experiments. I’m working with fusion and the post processor of Guffy. Which works great. Also learning how to use fusion 360 on the go, which is going okay. I like fusion because it gives me the whole process of making in one program. Designing, tool paths, post processing etc.

Some pics of the building process and how it looks now:

[attachment file=“2019-09-17 10.02.41.jpg”]
[attachment file=“2019-09-17 10.36.34.jpg”]
[attachment file=“2019-09-17 15.24.35.jpg”]

[attachment file=“2019-09-17 10.02.41.jpeg”]
[attachment file=“2019-09-17 10.36.34.jpeg”]
[attachment file=“2019-09-17 15.24.35.jpeg”]
[attachment file=“2019-09-26 14.13.00.jpeg”]
[attachment file=“2019-10-01 10.32.49.jpeg”]

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[attachment file=“2019-09-17 10.02.41.jpeg”]

Well, this spamfilter does not like me. Trying to upload images, but can’t do.

One more try with one image: [attachment file=“2019-09-17 10.02.41.jpeg”]

Well, no luck, would like to continue this forum, but I can’t do my uploads. Any advise?

Ryan is close to his space limit. He might be able to see if something else is going wrong. But we are moving to a discourse server shortly, which seems like a big improvement.

If I have trouble with photos, I usually just make a google photo album and share that. But I’m already in the google photos ecosystem.

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You should be okay to upload them now, we have about a GB left. You tried right when we updated the WP version and overfilled the server.

6 pics per post max as well.

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Thanks guys!

I first experimented with a dremel, which was terrible compared to the makita router I have now, but still fun to try out some stuff.

[attachment file=“2019-09-26 14.13.00.jpg”]
[attachment file=“2019-10-01 10.32.49.jpeg”]

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Since I bought a makita router I’ve been experimenting a lot. This machine is way more suitable then a dremel. Also the larger bits it can take is very nice. Because it’s stronger and has variable speed options, there are more possibilities in speed of the MPCNC.

I printed the dust shoe design from Brian Hong, which works great, but wouldn’t call it practical with the tool changes to be honest. That said I prefer good dust collection so, I use it anyway. Thanks for sharing. I use a festool vac.

I used the tape-measure-system, it’s awesome.

Not ready to share some projects yet, still in the middle of experimentation. I tested with a pen first and then in some foam, after that I went to pine and plywood. Haven’t tried hard-wood yet. Still searching for the optimal feed rates en depth of cut.

Things I still need to do:
Make a table
Z axis cable management

I’ve been running into a problem unfortunately. The Z-stepper comes down way in the middle of a project, so it cuts way to deep and gives all kinds of problems after that. Kind of dangerous. After that when I startup the machine, sometimes the z axis only goes down, also when I tell it to go up. Steppers aren’t hot, a bit warm but that is normal for what I’ve read. I’ve tried these solutions so far; Cleaned and lubed the leadscrew, adjusted stepperdriver from 0.7v to 0.6v. It is cooler now, but it wasn’t really hot before either, checked wiring, adjusted plungerate to very low.

Things I think I could still check;
redo the wiring, I now have an extra dupont connection, to extend the wire of the stepper, could this be a problem?
Switch stepperdriver
Switch Steppermotor
Anything you guys would suggest? So any idea’s or similar problems anyone?

Now it looks like this:

[attachment file=121837]
[attachment file=121838]
[attachment file=121839]
[attachment file=121840]
[attachment file=121841]

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Hi Menno,

I had a similar problem with the Z axis falling down in the middle of the project, see this thread. (The topic title is a bit misleading.) Later I concluded that it must be the SKR Pro 1.1 board I was using, because it also started happening on the X and Y axes. When I use a RAMPS board (like you do) I have not seen this problem yet.

I also had a dupont connector in the Z wire. I removed that and just soldered the wires together. It didn’t make a noticeable difference. I also hot-glued the connector to the stepper motor, thinking that vibration might cause it to have bad contact sometimes, but also that didn’t matter.

Somebody suggested using forced air cooling (use a fan pointed at the board and stepper drivers). I haven’t tried that yet. My drivers and steppers also didn’t get hot. From the pictures it seems that your RAMPS is in an enclosure, which might increase the temperature a bit more after some time. So I’d first try a fan.

If your Z axis does not want to move up then I can think of 2 things:

  1. The stepper wires are not connected properly. Not that likely if you checked them already and it does work properly sometimes.
  2. The steppers get disabled entirely and gravity is pulling down the router. I have a Makita (clone) and it's heavy enough to pull the Z axis down, especially when it's running. This is probably also why your Z axis falls down in the middle of your work.
Note that I'm also just starting out and do not have that much experience with troubleshooting such issues yet.

Greetings from Den Bosch,