New build in WA, USA

For some time, I have been planning an MPCNC build, and today I ordered the kit of parts. I already have the EMT conduit, 3D-printed parts, and table parts.

I will update here when I have pictures.

Some information on my build:

  • 24x24 in work area, I might make it smaller if I experience precision issues
  • Primarily meant for milling aluminum and wood, maybe some brass
  • I am using an SKR Pro board and TMC2209 stepper drivers, with the dual endstop setup
  • My endmill will be a DW660 for now

I’m hoping you mistyped the aluminum conduit part. Aluminum won’t work.

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That was a mistake, I had purchased steel EMT conduit. I updated the original post.


Built a table. Not really satisfied with it’s rigidity. I’ll probably put a sheet of plywood under the legs to stabilize it, maybe add some crossbars.

I have built several tables like this and diagonal braces are by far the biggest gain, even if they are thin. I use 2x2’s and they are more than plenty strong and stiff since the diagonal braces only experience axial loads.


Yep, either diagonals, or enclose the sides and back and put a shelf in it.


Whereabouts in Washington?

I was also planning to add a shelf.


Preliminary render of the upgraded table:

Finished render:

Looks good! If you’re going to sheath the sides, you don’t really need the diagonals. Unless you’re using cardboard… :wink:

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I’ll revise my design and post the new version here in a few hours.

I got my hardware kit!


Here are all the parts I have currently:

Waiting until I get my conduit reamer to assemble the frame.


… and I got impatient and built it all anyway.

I will take off the XY motors and ream the conduits when I get my reamer. My electronics won’t arrive for another couple of weeks anyway.


I haven’t fixed anything to the table yet since my table surface is uneven. Sometime next week, I will buy the OSB and plywood to sheath the table, add a shelf, and replace the surface.

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That looks great. The gray and white look good together.


Update: I have received my spindle (DW660), wire sleeving, and Raspberry Pi. Still waiting on my other electronics.


Update: I have received my endstops and started wiring everything. The only thing I am waiting on is the control board (SKR Pro), which should arrive relatively soon.

I have a new version of the table CAD, which I will be building:

MPCNC Table (492.1 KB)

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