NoVA Lowrider Build

Hello all,
I’m beginning my CNC journey by building the Lowrider v2. Over the past few months I’ve printed all the parts as time allows and I finally bit the bullet and ordered the hardware from V1.

My build is going to be a little different than some, but should be pretty vanilla in a lot of ways. I hope to keep this thread organized with my progress and document some of the pitfalls I’ve worked through.

Ryan was sold out of the SKR 1.2 when I wanted to order, so I sourced mine from Amazon and along with a TFT35 v3.0. First mistake right there, I didn’t realize that there is both a TFT35 v3.0 e3 and a non-e3 version. There isn’t much difference between the two, just the location of the control knob. It did mean that I needed to source a new case for the controller.

I used this for the case for the SKR Pro 1.2:

but that only works with the TFT35 v3.0 e3. I found a case for the TFT35 v3.0:

and remixed it to match the mounting holes for the SKR’s case as well as to use 3mm hardware.

With that all sorted I started in on some other organization. I designed a holder for the AC adapter that V1 sent:

I plan to mount that on one of the Y plates along with the control board and TFT.

Got the whole thing assembled and sitting on my workbench now. Still have to make a new table top for it and connect all the belts.


Hope my SKR case works for you! Build is on the right track by going vanilla and then modifying to your needs. If your table is tried-and-true (literally) you’ll but cutting in no time.