Popular Woodworking Outfeed Table

Seems pretty slick, and I am guessing it would fit a Low Rider with just a few adaptations.


I was actually considering either this idea, or putting a center spindle to flip the table over, out of the way, when not in use. Not sure which idea I like better, but one of these two ideas must work.

Please share what you come up with. I love seeing the different table designs.

That looks like it’s better suited to an MPCNC instead of a Low Rider. With a Low Rider I’d just park the XZ on the end away from your table saw…

If you have a 4’ outfeed table, you can cut 8+ feet. Having the gantry out in the end would get in the way.

Will definitely share when complete

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I don’t see that artifact here… I don’t think I’ve got a signature at all. :slight_smile:

I have always kinda thought having a section in the forums just for tables isn’t a bad idea, have seen some good ideas and I’m trying to get the design I like best figured out as well. Always helps seeing some different ideas.

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