Red, Black, and Wheels

This bad boy is finally finished, I promise I will be getting it dirty soon. SOOOO clean, yuck, needs proof of work… scars and dirt.

Total retail cost;

Toolbox $497

Stainless Rails $42 (with some leftovers)

Stainless Stain $38 (plenty leftover for more)

Plastic $155

Dual Endstop Kit $331

LCD $15

Sleeve ~10’ $3.80

660 $57

1/2" wide tape $3

Total (so far) = $1143

Not as bad as I thought, this is literally as awesome as I can possibly build it including a huge brand new toolbox. Xzibit & West Coast Customs could not have done a better job other than adding some pop out TV’s!

I used the tape measure trick (1/2" width) on all three axis, the cables do not touch the table at all, no worrying about clamps catching.


That is really great looking. Do you think the black will hold up to the wear? What a nice build.

Thanks. No the black is already showing little grey bearing marks. It is stainless so I should not have to rotate them, so I will live with the tracks if I get to have the rest black.

I was torn between keeping a budget build for all the pictures and stuff so people would not get discouraged or intimidated, but this just shows what it can be, for a tiny bit more (not including the box). A build I didn’t make any compromises on. It took forever but now I can have my living room back. This is going into the clean garage.

Next up is the LowRider rebuild, how big of a box does Milwaukee make?

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You should probably make the premium low rider (cnc) build in the back of a low rider (car). Then you could drive to mrrf next year.

I better be able to beat Kevin’s aluminum cutting ability…

@lionkev55 , I'm coming for you!

Awesome. Nice work!!! What is the Z height?

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Wow…NSFW…you weren’t kidding…that things stunning! I love the tape measure trick, I’d missed that post…and it’s super cool that it worked. Great job man, I think those pics will definitely spice up the image of the device!

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Beautiful build, I love your toolbox.

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Is that filament changes I see in the rambo box? That’s cool!

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Well I’m jealous that’s for sure. Looks great man! What did the build volume turn out to be?

That thing looks amazing! What are you using as your 3D printer nowadays? MP3DP?

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It is so … glossy, cool and visually appealing machine :slight_smile:

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Verrry nice Ryan! Really like seeing how that tape measure mod worked to keep all the wires off the deck. Have you posted those endstop modifications anywhere yet?

Probably that ?

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That’s a really nice looking setup. Makes me want to finish my storage under mine.


~3.5" Actually it is taller than I wanted. I seriously might trim it 1/2"…Have to do some speed runs first.


Yeah, I like the look of a few stripes, gives it some flavor…Can you smell me? Sorry too much E-40 lately, dam bay area.


~13.5" x 10.5" x 3.5"


Yup V1…and a V2.

Are those what you do your production on? Don’t mean to hi-jack thread just wondering if I should do one of those or just go for the MK3.

The MK2 or 3 are going to be amazing. My printer is just super basic, zero fancy features. I love my printer and have never been big on the fancy stuff, the only other printer I would get at the moment would be a prusa. If you have an MPCNC building a printer with it is pretty cool.

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Love this build… but where the hell are you getting tubing so cheap?? I’m quoted $150 for 40 feet from Gerlinger Steel in Redding, calif. Even ‘cheap’ conduit is going for $20 for 10 feet up here. Thanks for sharing Ryan! I’m starting my build now and having a ball… bought all the printed parts from Jim Allen so I saved a ton of time.

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I wonder if using the Caswell Sealer after staining them would help.