Selekta_andy's LR3 Build

:face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: The holes for the linear rails on your YZ plates are too big.

Sorry to have to be the bearer of bad news. Better to find out now before you take them apart though.

Well poo, but you’re right about better to find out now!

I’ll have to look at my gcode… wonder if i accidentally did outside cut instead of inside…

What size bit did you use? I cut just those holes using a 1/16" mill. The rest of the plate was cut with a 1/8" mill, but that’s too big for those holes if they’re going to be pilot holes for #4 woodscrews, and only work as drill holes if they are to hold M3 screws with nuts opposite.

You could use threaded inserts and mount the rails with machine screws instead.


@SupraGuy, 1/8" single flute upcut that i got with the LR3 kit. Now realizing that’s entirely too big. I have some small drill bits i got a while back when i was messing around w/ milling PCBs on my 3018, one of which is 1.2mm… I’m going to re-cut them, and do a separate tool path for those holes w/ the 1.2mm bit.

@Strider_Matic I’m counting this as a learning experience and just gonna do it again. Learning by failure. :smiley:


I kind of figured that would be it. Counterintuitive, but I think Estlcam actually cuts that bigger (following the inside of the circle without paying attention to the other side of the tool) if you try to do a hole cut. A drill through would be not bad if you used 18-20mm M3 screws and put nuts on them.

If you are using #4 wood screws for your rails, you can do a shallow drill with a small bit, and it works beautifully. If the 1/8" is all you have, do a shallow drill with it, and its still usable with the wood screws.

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Okay, second attempt looks a little better.


That’s the ticket!


Hey can you add what file you edited and the lines to edit? I think I already did this but I can’t remember for sure.

Also were you editing a file for the firmware of the main board, or the firmware of the TFT?

Your machine looks great and is cutting great!!

The 515 firmware already has an edited giant bed.

The line is found with “bed size” in config h of the firmware.

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I used a drillbit for mine, using ESTLcam for the Gcode. What I found was that when the 2D drawing had 2.5 mm holes, I could not get ESTLcam to properly set up the Gcode unless I told it that my bit was smaller than the hole (I think by 0.25 mm). I tried telling it I was cutting a 2.5 mm hole with a 2.5 mm bit, and it would not set that up. I had to tell it that my bit was 2.25 mm to get it to actually work right.

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Right. Estlcam assumes you would/should use the “drill” operation then.

Going by memory (away from computer): I was pressing the button for “hole”, as opposed to “part” etc.