Shop Updates (originally Decided to move)

Not sure if I made this announcement on here yet or not, but the wife has talked me into looking for a new (to us) house.

How did she manage to convince me to move? you ask.

She says, “but dear, if we buy a new house, we can find one with a shop on it.”

We’re still trying to clean up a few things on our current house so we can put it on the market at end of March. Hopefully close on a new house by end of May and be moving in by early June.

She gets to pick the house. I get to pick the shop. She also agreed that if we don’t find a house with a shop, that we can have one built ASAP after moving in. I’m hoping we find a house with a 30x30 or 30x40 on it. She’s sent me a few houses already that are close to that. We’re also hoping for 1-2 acres. The downside is, my drive to work will probably be 15-20 minutes longer… making it a 1 hour drive one way the 3 days a week I have to drive in. I don’t mind going in to work so much. The good lumber yards are a few blocks away from where I work, so I can go pick up stock before I head home or on my lunch break.

She’s also tagged me with my first project for after we get moved in. She wants a farm-style table for the dining room. I’ve had to laugh the last few years. The longer she’s been with me, the less ‘modern’ her furniture choices are becoming :slight_smile:

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Well that is exciting! Lots of work but exciting. A couple acres and a separate shop…dreamy. I might be moving as well…same reason, bigger shop. Fingers crossed for both of us!

Show he this one!

That pile of sawdust man… That is crazy.

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yeah. I saw that the other day. That’s not how I’d do that at all…

But then you’d have an excuse to get a bobcat! Everybody needs one of these! Our new house criteria was, no neighbors, some land, and high speed internet. Our place is on 3 acres, with a factory on the other side of a field to one side, and a small river and trees to the other side. We’re the only residence on our end of a dead end street. And wooo!

My kids have ideas for what they want in a house.

Swimming pool, play set, trampoline, and two play rooms.

My wife wants an open floor plan.

I want a big master shower (our current one is 4’x4’ and is really nice) and a shop.

The wife currently has an art room with a huge 4’x4’ craft table I made her. We’ve already agreed that if the new house doesn’t have room for her craft table that we’d build her a she-shack somewhere on the property with electricity and lots of natural light.

I’m hoping for a gas cooktop, but won’t hold my breath. I do insist on gas heat and water heater.

Making progress.

The current plan is to put the house on the market April 1st.

We’re having a hard time finding a house with a shop already on the property. New plan is to possibly reduce our down payment on the house by the same amount that a shop would cost to have built.

I’ve gotten a few ‘quotes’ for 30x30 shops and the prices are all in line with what we think we’ll be able to afford.

I am about to have a 20x30…I am super excited. Building your own means you get to do it your way as well. Might take a little longer but it will be right, and have outlets and lights where you want them!

no kidding. There’s a really good chance if I have one built, I’ll pay the electrician to wire up the breaker box, put one outlet in it and one light… then do the rest myself.

Oh man… not sure if this is good or bad, but a house popped up on the market on Friday that’s almost perfect. Nice lot, nice house, pool, lots of entertaining space… no shop.

I think we’re going to go for it.

Last week was spring break. I took 3 days to work on the house to get it ready to go on the market. We’re almost ready. Probably need one good full weekend worth of work to be fully ready.

Exciting, good luck!

It’s amazing how fast a month can go by.

The realtor comes today to take pictures and put the sign out. We’ve spent the last two weeks prepping the house… boxing unnecessary stuff, cleaning out flower beds, painting, cleaning, more cleaning…

There’s been a few more houses pop up on the market this week that have piqued our interest. It doesn’t look like we’ll be able to put an offer on the house we went and saw two weeks ago. It’s probably under contract at this point.

One of the houses that popped up this week is 1 mile from the lake on 1.5 acres with a 24x30 shop and covered RV parking. We’re going to go look at it this weekend if it’s still available.


On a side note… I think my wife just left for work in my truck… I thought she was taking her car today. Guess my son talked her into taking the truck. It is his Birthday after all.

Uh oh, can she fit a motorcycle in the back of the truck? :slight_smile:

He’s turning 6.

And the Harley’s already in the garage


This escalated quickly.

There’s a house just a few miles down the road from where we’ve been looking. It’s sitting on 9 acres. House needs a bit of work. The property has a pond on it that’s stocked.

I think we’ll go look at it this weekend.



My wife and I are looking at buying a home finally. I’m excited about the possibility of a heated garage. Full on shop space is way out of my budget at the moment! On a positive note, my uncle is coming to town in May, and has agreed to lend his craftsmanship skills to finally finishing my MPCNC. It’s a “know what you know” kind of deal. I can do the wiring and nerding… he can do the precision measuring and building.

Now I need to get to work printing the Burly parts! Anyone have ideas for what colors would look cool in a gradient from my new mixing hotend?

Buying a first home is very exciting. This will be our third house to buy.

You can do a lot in a garage if you have an understanding wife.


Went and looked at a 3,000 sq foot shop that came with a 2,200 sq foot house next to it.

Unfortunately, the house was laid out stupid and was just way too small for the way we live. Too many rooms in the square footage.


The other house, the one with the 9 acres, was nice, but needs quite a bit of work. All new paint, scraping all the ceilings, and we’d want to try to open up one of the walls to make it more open. I’m waiting for the wife to decide if she likes the house enough to put an offer on it or not.

We’re under contract on our house now.

We’re putting an offer on a house today that has a shop. More news to come if they accept our offer. Wish us luck.