Shop Updates (originally Decided to move)

Thanks for the additional information. What would you recommend for me to use to clean the grime off of the machine?

I think I’d try Dawn detergent, cuts grease pretty well and it’s safe for ducks!

The stuff we used on the jet was citrus based as well, but it’s like stupid expensive, and hard to get in quantities smaller than a 55 gallon drum.

I ended up going the wd 40 route with a soft scrubber. I had some on hand. I didn’t have time to get it all cleaned up, but made some progress. Still a ways to go to get it all white.

Then the phase converter showed up and FedEx was kind enough to leave it in the slush.


I can’t believe they just left it there. A few more feet and it would have been dry and covered. What the heck!?

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I’m betting the delivery driver slipped on ice and busted their ass earlier in the day. He probably saw the slushy snow and didn’t want to risk it. This box is very heavy.


:+1: Nice to see you looking for the good! :+1:

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This is as clean as this machine is going to get for now. The dawn dish soap and a green scrubber worked pretty good

I cleaned up the vice with the least number of drill bit holes in it and mounted it to the bed.

If you thought squaring your MPCNC is rough, try setting the tram and nod on a mill.

At some point I have to clean out the coolant sump.