Test part

If you are bored and that fancy printer is sitting there all alone with nothing to do, could you print this part and let me know how it comes out.

I went a little overboard and am wondering if this is easily printable for everyone, it has some small features and some overhangs.

funkytest2.zip (73.3 KB)

Seems to print fine.


Awesome, thank you, mine came out great as well! The nut holes should fit a 6/32 or a 4mm nylock.

I should have mentioned that I also checked it with a 6/32 nylock and it does fit, snugly like it should.

Seems to work! 4mm nut is a little loose, all my #6-32’s are in the barn, and it’s raining, so can’t check that part.

[attachment file=59925]
[attachment file=59926]

Printed fine on my anet a8 thats been repaired with glue and is missing its extruder fan - should print on anything?

Awesome. Thanks.

I am trying not to do nut catches so much but the alternative is making extra pieces so this seems best for now. If it ends up being an issue I will just make the part a little differently later. This is 1/3 parts for the dust shoe of the new LowRider for a 1.25" hose. Ends up snapping together for a nice fit with a few drops of glue (optional) and some screws it should be really solid. This allows to cut down on the gantry plate size for more rigidity and smaller cut parts (less expensive).

Yup, looks like I need to go down 0.1mm on the 4mm locknut.

Might just need to do mounting brackets…why can’t we all just use the same hardware.


[attachment file=“Screenshot-2018-5-15 april pdf - april pdf.jpg”]

I paste this link all the time at work.

So true.


I am starting to feel like I should just use metric. They seem to be much easier for us in the US to get that imperial is for other people in other countries. Some parts just are not easy to make work with both, or…I could make things way easier with captive nuts on all the parts.

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I’d agree, metric is easy to get here and it’s not really a cost difference.


Maybe you could convince an Amazon store to do a one click hardware package?