Universal (HicWic) LR2 tool mount

I decided to mashup SomeOldGuyCoding’s laser mount for the LR2 and the good 'ole universal tool mount created by HicWic for the MPCNC.

I made some modifications to both models (mainly eliminated unnecessary elements and cleaned up some edges). Just use the top braces/arms that SomeOldGuyCoding created.

This is a thing in progress (it is printing as I write this) - I am sure it will work well.



It works wonderfully!

[attachment file=115828]


[attachment file=115829]


[attachment file=115822]

[attachment file=115823]

[attachment file=115824]


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Well, that certainly adds a lot of options!

It does and everything I have tried so far works very well. I even put my 500w spindle on there for giggles - it looked funny having the spindle and dw611 together (also, the mount is probably not rigid enough to hold a spindle and cut anything with it outside of 0.5mm DOC).

Now to measure the offset from the center of my laser beam to the center of my dw611 collet… dust will fly soon.