Where is everyone from?

I just thought it would be kinda cool to know where people are from - maybe a maker fair meetup for regional people.

I’m in Southern NH, right near Nashua (on the MA border).

West Denver, Colorado, USA

China, Shanghai

Probably a bit too far for a meetup.



Currently Residing In

Austin, Tx

Brighton Colorado, USA

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Haarlem, The Netherlands

If you’re ever on this side of the pond :slight_smile:

North Central Montana

West Central Ohio.

Eastern end of the Columbia Gorge in Oregon USA

Bethel, MN



East Texas

Norway :smiley:

South Australia

Holy Global Community Batman!! That’s just nuts!! US, Netherlands, Norway, China, Australia! You should be really proud of the people you have reached Ryan!

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I’m from Dalfsen in the Netherlands, just start printing my MPCNC.

Already impressed how well the parts are designed. Great job Ryan! Thanks.


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Looks like it’s a time to make Google maps layer with cities and put it to home page

We actually tried that a while ago. Could not come up with an easy way to do it without spending a ton of money. Got any ideas?