Z axis got loose!

Hey guy it’s me again, machine was working beautifully lately, today I left it drawing and suddenly noticed z axis dropped, it seems the top blue part is not attached rwell or so, it can still run up and down by the motor.

But, when I put Sligh pressure even from the bottom, the whole z axis moves up so something got loose for sure.


Any idea how to fix this issue?


Check the locknut. It could be loose or broken letting the coupling nut and the allthread to slide up and down.

Hey! Thanks for the fast reply, do you refer to the 3 bolts on the blue thing itself?


On the middle assembly where a coupling nut goes.


Of course the pineapple itself shouldn’t be loose either. Do you see the blue pineapple move when you push from bottom?

I think I figure it out, it’s connected well to the rod going down, so the one with a spiral texture on it. But it got disconnected from the rod going out of the motor(smooth looking rod)

Still not sure what’s the fix

Either a little tighter on the upper screw closest to the stepper, or if you think you might break it, a little superglue. If the coupler ever breaks the plastic can be scraped off the stepper shaft without hurting it. Also, once you have it back in place, run the black plate that’s under it right up against it(go up). That way the bearing takes the weight, not just a piece of hanging plastic.

Look at mine for an example.
Google Photos

Hey Brrry!

Thanks a lot, super glue worked like magic for now, finished my 4 color pen drawing :smiley:


I hope it will be strong enough for drilling later on too, otherwise I’ll come back to figure out what piece I have to replace


Don’t forget that step.

4 color pen drawing!!! What is that.

It looks like you might have tried to lube all your bearings, for the most part you should consider them sealed and not able to be lubed. Some lubes do not interact well with PLA plastic, your parts could start to degrade. The coupler issue could be from that. All that lube is just going to make milling debris stick to your machine.

Hey Ryan !

its basically using 4 different pens, normal 2 cent pens from the office shop, and use them to make a full color drawing like that one.

about the lube, as those drawings take ages, at night I heared horrible squeaking noise coming from the Z axis, it was 2 AM and i wasnt very careful with my aiming. the noise did stop at least and i cleand up the mess later on.

so far so good

Awesome, I added that to the gallery, keep it up!

Omri, I have no idea how you accomplished that drawing but it is incredible. As a classic car guy it is even more amazing.

Yes same here ! I’d be very much keen to know how you generated that gcode !

I’ll add my agreement - That is pretty darn cool. Any details on how you did it would be appreciated!

Hey guys ! happy you all like it :smiley:

its actually pretty complex, involves 4 different programs and allot of patience,

took me over 7 month of non stop machine drawing at least 4 days per week.


maybe ill make a tutorial later on when i reach more crazy results and this becomes more normal for me :slight_smile:


Do you have a website where you sell your art?

Really great work.

Whaaaat ???


And Jeffeb3, I’m not really selling organized yet, just sold few pieces and some were used as an album cover by an Irish band :smiley:


At the moment busy trying ti apply for art funding so I can push it all a bit further and make a more serious series of drswing or even paintings if I can solve some - brush going to dip in paint every few strokes - problems



I used to have something similar, they actually work pretty well.